Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer

Welcome to my "The Tao of Badass" review!

First of all, I have included here a video from Joshua Pellicer's, the creator of this controversial system, visit on "The Today Show". You may want to watch it. It's a lot of fun...:)

There is no worse feeling in the world than the feeling of rejection, and when a woman insults you while rejecting you. It makes you feel sick to your stomach. Even more frustrating than the rejection, however, is when you're unable to quickly think of a retort that will change the situation.

Are you tired of risking rejection each time you say hello to a woman? Continue reading to learn about a revolutionary system that will have women chasing after you instead of rejecting you.

Introducing the Tao of Badass

Regardless of what a woman tells you, it's a known fact that they are looking for a strong, confident man and that those qualities usually trump sensitivity. You've probably been passed over before by a woman who then went on to date a jerk.

Rather than allow this to keep happening, you may want to consider purchasing a copy of this badass system to learn how to become irresistible to women.

Jam packed with realistic advice on dating, this eBook can help you attract either your dream woman or simply a woman to spend the evening with. Regardless of your age, physical appearance or typical level of charisma, you will be thought how to flirt effectively and avoid being rejected in the future.

What Does the eBook Contain?

Joshua Pellicer's eBook will provide you with countless tips for becoming more attractive to women. Some of the highlights include:

- The friend zone is like purgatory, and men get stuck there far too often. Avoiding the friend zone is easy, however, if you know what one simple thing to do. The eBook will provide you with the necessary information to make sure that you never get stuck in the friend zone purgatory ever again.

- It's true the most women are attracted to wealthy men, but the secret behind this attraction does not require a lot of money. You can attract the same women that wealthy men do by mimicking their one special quality that drives women wild.

- You're not a mind reader, but once you've completed this eBook you'll be able to know with 100 percent certainty if a woman is into you, regardless of what she says.

- You'll learn the one simple tweak that will make all women see you as an attractive and confident man.

- Wouldn't it be great if a woman felt compelled not only to flirt with you but to also buy you a drink? The Tao of Badass system will teach you how to keep your money in your wallet without going home alone.

- Although there are billions of people on the planet, there are only three basic rapport types. Selecting the right one will make a girl eager to get to know you. Learn how to easily determine which of these three types to use with every woman who you meet.

- Body language means a lot to women, and many men are eliminating themselves from the dating pool simply because of the way that they sit. This guidebook will teach you how to avoid this critical error.

- Learn the truth about gaining confidence, as opposed to the nonsense that is often discussed by so-called dating coaches.

What Sets It Apart From All Other Similar Systems?

This eBook is filled with invaluable advice, and it allowed me to take my dating game to an entirely new level. Here are some of my favorite things about this wonderful system:

- It presents the information in a way that makes it easy to read and easy to memorize.

- It teaches the reader how to actually attain true power and confidence, as opposed to simply faking it.

- It will provide you with everything that you need to know to utilize the perfect moves at the right time.

- Dating is like a game, but part of that game is played inside your head. This system will teach you how to use your inner game to improve the results of your outer game.

- The system will teach you how to embrace and utilize new beliefs by explaining the three steps that must be taken to make a permanent change in your belief structure.

- Guys have four major personality types, and this eBook examines them to ensure that you're never AMOGed.

Is This System For Me?

If you want to learn how to impress a girl the first time, every time, then this system is for you.

If, on the other hand, you're unwilling to act on the information that this eBook provides, or if you prefer to spend a lot of time merely talking about seduction instead of actually doing it, then this system will not be able to help you.

Final Recommendation

The Tao of Badass will teach every man who is willing to learn how to improve his game with women. The confidence that you'll gain from this will also have a positive impact on other areas of your life, making this a must purchase eBook.

Joshua Pellicer is even offering a 100 percent money back guarantee so you have absolutely no good reason not to pick up a copy today and start improving your luck with women tonight.

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